Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just got a call from Alex who sold me the evo. He let me know that the car failed its inspection.. GAY! FAIL! he said that there a few things that need to be changed and they will go for another inspection. unfortunately, its getting close to christmas and close down time so its looking like it'll be done sometime in January.

I always had a feeling shit would hit the fan, but i'm still the optimist and hoping everything will go smoothly!

on a side note, i'm going camping for christmas! and i've paid my fine so i'll be waiting on the confirmation on my licence suspension... UGH!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ready for inspection! ...

Popped by the compliance place to check up on the car, things are progressing and its ready for inspection. If it passes, we'll be ready to have the car on the road in January as planned!

The inspection is booked for the 23rd so i'll pop in to see how we go.

Heres a pic of the car good and ready to go!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

badboys badboys whatcha gonna do!?

A late night on the town filled with partying and celebrating a friends birthday, we decided to call it quits and head on home. We were driving down the main strip in the sydney CBD and the lebbo side of me took over, as we were taking off at the lights i gave my gtir a quick squirt and squirt it did ! all over the faces of the occupants in the SSS behind me haha. It was at that moment a ninja police officer and his ninja mates (all black undercover cop cars) jumped out on the side the road, radar gun in hand and told me to pull over.

I was caught speeding down the main strip of the CBD ... yeh nice one genius! he walked up to my car, gave me a alcohol breath test then told me to give him my licence. He came back 20minutes later .. which is probably the amount of time for him to run a check, eat a box of donuts, take a shit then fuck himself. gave me my licence and said i was caught doing 87km/h in a 50km/h zone. This means that i would be suspended for 3 months (once payment is made) and fined $630.. FUCK!

with hopes of having my evo in january this is throwing a large spanner in my works. I will pay the fine asap and get the 3 months of not driving out the way ! oh joy ! and FUCK YOU NSW POLICE, YES I BROKE THE LAW BUT FUCK YOU ANYWAY! :D

The squirtbox, you can learn more about this thing @ http://mypaulsar.blogspot.com/

Monday, December 1, 2008

moving along nicely? who knows!

Well a month has passed and we're now in the stupid ass burning hot month of december! it has its benefits tho, summer dresses and lots of beautiful women with yummy cleavage... it makes the day just that little bit better haha.

anyways, i've popped in to see the progress of the car. stock airbox has been put in, stock blow off valve and a compliant catalytic converter have also been installed. A quick word with the compliance guys and they say the car should be on the road in mid january. fingers crossed!

a pic of my car's new home, taking a shit on top of the GT-R

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Its been a few weeks now, and i've had eyes set at an Evo 6 Tommi makinen edition. The prices are over budget but nothing beats a TME for a raw fun evolution experience. Lets face it, everything else is just soft compared to the TME! unfortunately, because it is a TME people are demanding a premium over them which is stupid but thats special editions for ya :(. Something rather interesting did catch my eye tho!

Around July 2008, evo v's became eligible under SEVS and a few were brought onto our shores. Last week a friend (Thanks Mano) had pasted me a link to a Red V with relatively low k's and good condition that was to be the test car for compliance approval. I fell in love and started to weigh up the pros and cons of having a tme or an evo v. A quick call to the seller and i booked myself a test drive and inspection.

After a good looking over with a friend (Thanks Stevo!) and being blown away in the test drive. I knew i had to have this car! i always knew evo's handled well but the power delivery and the way it sticks to the road is just crazy, just on a completely different level than my gti-r and this car is stock !

It didnt take much for me to put down a deposit and so we move into the lengthy approval/compliance process. i'm very happy and excited !

heres a pic of my newly acquired beast

Thursday, September 18, 2008

beginning the journey

ohhh harro!

welcome to my blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is paul, p to the izzo ! and i've got an obession with cars. For those who dont know me, i've always had a list of "dream" cars i wanted to own in my lifetime which i've probably annoyed many of my friends about in car conversations lol.

The first of these cars was a Nissan Pulsar GTiR which i ended up buying in red, a colour i soon fell in love with. After some 5 yrs of ownership and some changes in my life mainly being thrusted back into single life, finally graduating from uni, a new job and ridding myself of debts.

I've decided its time to move on and find myself a dream evo.. and so the journey begins! the budget is set, the money is being saved and the hunt is on ! bring it bitches!