Thursday, November 6, 2008

ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Its been a few weeks now, and i've had eyes set at an Evo 6 Tommi makinen edition. The prices are over budget but nothing beats a TME for a raw fun evolution experience. Lets face it, everything else is just soft compared to the TME! unfortunately, because it is a TME people are demanding a premium over them which is stupid but thats special editions for ya :(. Something rather interesting did catch my eye tho!

Around July 2008, evo v's became eligible under SEVS and a few were brought onto our shores. Last week a friend (Thanks Mano) had pasted me a link to a Red V with relatively low k's and good condition that was to be the test car for compliance approval. I fell in love and started to weigh up the pros and cons of having a tme or an evo v. A quick call to the seller and i booked myself a test drive and inspection.

After a good looking over with a friend (Thanks Stevo!) and being blown away in the test drive. I knew i had to have this car! i always knew evo's handled well but the power delivery and the way it sticks to the road is just crazy, just on a completely different level than my gti-r and this car is stock !

It didnt take much for me to put down a deposit and so we move into the lengthy approval/compliance process. i'm very happy and excited !

heres a pic of my newly acquired beast