Monday, April 27, 2009


DONE!#@, The compliance is done!! finally!! its now listed on the DOTARS website. Its just a matter of days before I can pick up the car!. OH SHIT! i just remembered that theres still a good 3 weeks before i can drive. looks like my friends will be driving the car before i can :(

The compliance plate should be sent in a matter of days then its off to the RTA to get the car registered. very happy! we've finally reached the end of the tunnel and now the real adventure begins.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

homestretch !!

Alright, another fortnight has passed and the rear belts arrived alot quicker than expected. All evidence has been gathered and sent off to the fuckwits in canberra and its just a matter of processing the paperwork, paying the associated fees, getting the compliance plate then the car is good to go for NSW registration.

I'm excited! been following the DOTARS website everyday to see when the compliance is finished. A guy i've been speaking with who got his car complianced in qld said it should only take a week or two after the paperwork is processed. lets hope so! its been close to 8 months since i bought this thing!

you will be off that hoist soon baby.. just a little longer!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Round 3 ! inspector vs evo ... fight !

I must say, now that i dont have a licence and cant drive my gti-r.. time has gone slow if not frozen ! i cant even go run errands cause i dont wanna risk being caught again. I've started hopping on my new bike to try and make those trips but even a bike doesnt cut it. i'm trapped dammit !

Anywho, car will undergo its third attempt at passing... the outcome? failed again!! WTF. This time its the rear seatbelts, apparently they aren't ADR compliant .. well suck a dick mate! i'm raging against canberra again. anywho, new belts have been ordered and apparently take up to 6 weeks to arrive. So i'm looking at getting the car sometime in May.. hopefully!

To add some salt in my wounds, my friend michelle has been giving me shit almost everyday for not having the evo yet and being able to find and purchase her is300 within a few weeks. DAMN THAT WOMAN AND HER IS300 TO HELL!

I'll check back sometime in april to see how we are progressing, this is probably the final hurdle now! and only 1 month till i get my licence back