Thursday, May 28, 2009


Met up with Martin @ groundzero tinting today. got my evo tinted with a street legal 30% all round. not only was the quality of work great, martin really took care of me and ensured that i was satisfied with the tint. it comes with a lifetime warranty and i've since had 2 of my friends had their cars tinted with him. I will definitely use martin's services for my future cars!

He now has a workshop in blacktown and prices are roughly $150 for most cars. there are additional costs if you need to remove your existing tint.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

to my helpful friends...

So, i've got my licence back and survived the long 3 month stint of not being able to drive. Now this wouldnt be possible without the help of my family and especially my friends who have gone out of their way to ensure that i was able to travel to and from work safely ! This is where i suffered most during my suspension, living in a suburb thats not so accessible to public transport was frustrating!! i seriously couldnt do shit! i dont know how people survive without cars.. cause i certainly couldnt.

Anyways, seeing as i've made it without being tempted to break the law and jump into the car i wanna thank the following for assistance during the daily grind...

Dave - Thanks for giving me lifts to the station in the mornings my nigga! i wouldve never made it on time and you saved my mum alot of time by being able to give me a lift. Always good fun catching the train with you and veas dissing everyone and everything LOL.

Twig - Thanks for the lifts to the station as well! always making it just on time then running to the station before we miss the train LOL good times.

Cat aka. Mum #2 HAHA - My biggest thanks goes out to you. I can't say thank you enough for all the days you went out of your way after work just to dive into the traffic hell in order to give me a lift home. Despite working a few suburbs away you were always willing and kind enough to take me home even if it was an extra 30mins added to your daily home trip and refusing to let me catch the train. Not only did you take me home but you also helped out with errands or random things i needed to do. Way Awesome!! It really was alot of fun heading home and having mini d&m's or just talking smack during those trips. Without your help, those last 3 months wouldve been hell and so i thank you again for your assistance and making the time pass quickly. Much love!

I would also like to extend my thanks to the rest of my friends who made compromises to ensure i could enjoy my weekends with them. you all rock! great to have you guys around.

..... man that was one gay post lol
maybe i'm one step closer to becoming a girl :\

Monday, May 25, 2009

YES i am back on the road! but not all is well in the evo world

After 3 long months, i can now throw out my train ticket and get back into a drivers seat!. I can now drive again and the first thing i did was take the evo for a spin around the block, the power comes on so well but i'm currently overboosting thanks to a worn out turbo actuator that the boys @ meek picked up during my major service.

anywho the celebrations were short lived. my mate twig who had just picked up his spanking new yellow evo 9 last nite wrote the car off in an accident en route to my place. he had only the car for a few hours. thankfully he and his gf are okay and thats all that matters, the car however is totally screwed and its a shame to see an evo looking like that. The car sat in my garage last nite and was towed in the morning. He should be getting a payout but the impression this left on my parents wasn't good.

A valuable lesson can be learnt here, no matter how good a car is.. dont be reckless and drive beyond your limits on the street.

Friday, May 15, 2009

lockdown bitch!

after a few weeks of waiting, the car finally has its alarm installed. I wont disclose what system it is but it will ensure the car is secure as fuck! with sensors for almost everything and emergency panic buttons etc. i can not confidently park my car anywhere, although i will still take the proper precautions cause society is fucked up these days..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day, or is it happy evo day?

Happy mothers day! hope you all got ya momma something good. I got my mum an electric throwover, we're heading into winter and i'm sick of seeing my mum freeze under 3 blankets when watching tv.

With mum happy, i figure it was time i give the evo some love. Break out the sponges, car wash, wax, vaccumm cleaner and tools. Gave the car the once over its looking very nice and clean now. Some of the things tackled today:

- fixed the doorcard which had popped out of the door/window seal.. absolute bitch to line up and get in properly!
- stripped and cleaned the rear and found a spare center seat belt and buckle. found like 10 dead crickets under my spare wheel LOL
- checked the front door tweeters/speakers, they are shot so i'll be up for some new ones
- windscreen wiper arms are worn and faded, so i'll remove and respray them one day

onto the pics!
my gti-r and evo together

the rear of the evo

interior .. that gearknob has got to go!

the moneyshot!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Got an interesting call from my boy alex @ the workshop. it went a little something like this.

Alex - "Paul"
Me - "Yep, hows it going"
Alex - "Your fucking compliance plate is on, car is ready for pickup come get it!"
Me - "WOOO!~ see you this arvo!"

Off to the bank i went, took out the remaining balance i owed on the car. Organised a driver for my car <3 Dave! and my friend kindly picked us up from work to get the car <3 Cat!. We arrived at the workshop and there she was.. spanking clean in red, looking good and ready to go! it was an awesome feeling to finally be able to take the car home. We went inside to finish up the paperwork, took the keys and dave got ready to drive my baby home. Alex wouldnt let me leave without embarassing me and so we ended up in this video for the compliance workshop. :\

Dave drove my car home and gave his opinion of the car and points that might need improvement. Jess also came down and drove the car to give her impressions of it. All opinions have been considered and will help me with my modding path.

I've only got a week and a half before my licence is back so i will try get a few things done before then!

HUGE thanks to dave, cat and jess for helping me on that day!