Friday, June 12, 2009

let the mods begin!

Driving home the other day i noticed a strong smell of radiator fluid coming from the engine bay. Popped the bonnet and found a busted top tank on my radiator. For those who dont know me, i seem to have a history of going through radiators or having them explode on my somehow and today was no exception. Anyways, not being a half assed idiot anymore i decided to fork out for a Koyo Alloy radiator, this is alot thicker than the stock item and fits into the evo engine bay with no issues! so off came the radiator and in went the koyo. temps are very stable and with the increased compacity i dont see myself suffering any overheating problems

my friends also got me an ARC titanium gear knob for my birthday. See ya later ugly old knob and hello ARC! Also got a ralliart radiator cap (for bling) and EVO8MR bov. The stock unit on evo 5's is a brittle plastic item which is prone to breaking. The EVO8MR bov is made out of alluminium and holds boost better.