Sunday, July 26, 2009

wakefield virginity broken

what a day!!! that was a full day of fun fun fun!!. Dave and I met up at about 6:30am with a mate of his and we trekked down to wakefield. I was nervous as i had never taken the evo to the track yet and being scarred from my gtir i was hoping i wouldnt have to take a tow truck home. Anywho, we got there signed in went to the drivers briefing then started our first session. We used this first session to get familar with the race lines and the track.

First timed session was up, still trying to get used to the track pulled a dismal 1:22 time. Dave (Type R) was trying to find the right tyre pressure to run and struggled in his session too (he's in a higher class than me). Next session I enlisted the help of Jeff Dunmeade a driver trainer from the states. After some advice and helping me understand the line a bit better we started the second timed session.

With some new found confidence and more aggressive technique i managed a PB of 1:15.6 ! was abosolutely over the moon about this time. especially with crappy Toyo T1R tyres and a stock car. David set a new pb for himself as well so it was smiles all round! Tony and Pete also set new pb's as well ! beware of those jazz boys!!

We had one last timed session and i got to mix it up with dave. there was alot of traffic and the adrenalin was wearing off so consistant times rather than flying laps was what we managed out of that session. We then packed up and headed back to sydney. it was an absolute blast! i cant wait for the next one, hopefully i'll have some mods in by then! BRING IT ONN!!

We concluded our day with food and celebratory drinks for jess. happy birthday jess! welcome to 22.. you old bitch :P. I ended my night @ the retro hotel with some other friends and by the time i got home i had been up for 24hrs straight without any rest. dizzam i'm a soldier! haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enter the dragon!

got my first trackday with the evo next week!! very excited! instead of borrowing a helmet from a friend i figured this time i'd go out and buy my own. In the end, the AGV helmet i wanted wasn't in stock so i settled for this...

ENTER THE HJC DRAGON! hahaha, i love it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

IS Motor Racing Dyno day!

Went to a dyno day @ IS Motor Racing at rockdale, it was mainly an day but there were some surprise cars such as an orgasmic M3, gallardo spyder and C63 AMG!!. We strapped my bitch up onto the rollers to see how much power it made stock. The result? a beautiful 158kw's @ all 4's ! with slightly rich Air/Fuel ratio. this is a great base for me to work on and i look forward to extracting more power! when i start power modding!! woo~! It was a great atmosphere and I would like to thank the organisers and IS motor racing for hosting a great day.

dyno sheet