Monday, August 31, 2009

Wheel woes.. FML

The time has come to buy some new shoes for my car.. i've been thinking about this for a few weeks now and theres just one problem.. WHAT THE HELL DO I GET!?! with so many different designs and styles out there finding the right rim is no easy task. These will be my rims for the street so i'm getting something wide and hopefully end up with aggressive stance and flushness. Its absolutely doing my head in cause in this day and age.. offset is everything!! if you want it to look tough, you get low offset and make it work.. if you want it to look flush, you need the offset to just right in line with your guards.. if you want to look like a douche you get high offset and it'll sit inside the car.. and thats a FAIL in my books!

The criteria is to be different from every tom, dick, and harry that owns an evo that rules out the most popular ones (although they look hot!):

Volk racing TE37

Rays Engineering CE28N

Bee-R racing wheels/Drifteks/URAS

Advan RS

I will not resort to one of these cause i'll end up being a sheep and with the large influx of evo v's in the country i've got stiff competition to set myself apart and have a tough looking street car. I've got a few choices in mind and i will do the research and reach my decision by the end of the week. its going to be great mind fuck... who wouldve thought finding wheels would be so hard lol

Saturday, August 22, 2009



doing some restoration

As you already know, i'm quite happy at how immaculate my car is. It is virtually spotless, both inside and out.. however its not 100% perfect. The rear wheel arches and bonnet intake are faded. The paint has flaked and turned to shit on the bonnet grill mesh, grill cover and manifold cover and finally the windscreen wipers are faded and also flaked out.

Now, i dont know how to tackle the faded paint as yet but i can restore the black on the manifold cover, wipers and bonnet vents and that is what i've done!

First up, you sand it down.. i used a 600 and 200grit sandpaper to ensure all the black paint came off.

Then you mask off teh areas you dont wanna spray

Its then business time! i used VHT Rollbar and chassis paint for the wipers and VHT Flame proof high temp paint for the other goods as they are exposed to extremely hot engine temps.

All done!

Friday, August 14, 2009

just bouncin' ...

Dropped by meek this afternoon to get my car serviced and coilovers installed. Its like a gentlemen's club everytime i go there! they stand around talking smack with other customers or friends who randomly drop by the workshop. They got my car on the hoist and got to work asap. First up they made sure the springs sat at the same length as the stockers then they spent about 20mins admiring the build quality LOL. the owner from GT pumps asked if could weigh up the coilovers against the stockies and they were considerably heavier. 1hr later all the coilovers are fitted up and we dropped the height by an inch. We couldve gone lower but they kept telling me if i scratched any part of the immaculate underbody of my car they'd kill me hahaha. i'll drop the height some more once i get rims so that i can get an almost flush look.. mmm!!

one quick drive around the block to ensure theres no rattles or issues. then i let the mechanics drive the car to see what they think. they are loving the current dampening settings (almost max on fronts and rears.. stiff! love it!) and off i went. car looks so much better and theres still some decent height left.

My initial impressions, the car is very planted and alot more fun to drive. i'll need a wheel alignment to really appreciate the changes. but i feel confident that with this setup i can knock off a little more time @ the track. Now let the wheel hunt begin!!

the boys working on my car, left = damo and i forgot the other guys name :\

Monday, August 10, 2009

helloooo postman!

oh looky what came in the mail today! this bigass box that crushed my toe :\. what we have here is a set of Tein MonoFLEX coilovers for the evo. the rates are f: 9kg r: 7kg. theres about 16 levels of dampening adjustment and up to 40mm in height adjustment. I cant wait to get these on and see the difference from the stock suspension. Fingers crossed it improves my track times and give me more confidence in the corners.

Car is booked in @ Meek next week to get installed!