Saturday, September 26, 2009

even hairdressers need speed

something non-evo related today ! my mate mike had purchased a mini cooper s recently, its a punchy little thing i can see the appeal of superchargers and the mini cooper s. it handles and brakes very well quite a fun yet gay drive lol. anyways, he purchased an intake kit and we helped install it.

the instructions were quite simple, we spent most of our time looking for a texta to mark exactly where to saw (my fault LOL, i didnt want to botch his car). its very straight forward:

the new intake kit (k&n pod with intake lid

- remove the intake lid and pipe

- mark the centre of the hole
- hole saw the plastic where air comes into the stock intake

- have a hairspray break (this really happened, no seriously!! it did)... WTF LOLLLLLLL!!!
- with some love, get the new intake into the slot
- clamp everything up

hang out and party!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

its armageddon peoples, we're all gonna die!

everyone in sydney woke up to red death skies. my initial thoughts suggested that it was the apocalypse and our judgement day had come LOL. but really it was just a massive dust storm that blanketed the city and with it came... GODZILLA!!!

Driving to work through this shit sucked nuts!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

drift nationals 09

Went out to oran park to check out the 2009 drift australia nationals. lots of nice cars and women ! great weather and of course drifting! i didnt stay to watch the whole event but hung out in the pits and saw the kind of work and engineering that has gone into these crazy sliders. NOTE: take more pics of women

the rides i loved most.

rest of the pics are on my flickr site.


after one fucked up retarded weekend i bought a new deck! the car came with soem retarded double din fugly piece of crap Pioneer deck. because its jap i cant get any of the sydney frequencies, cant play mp3s, the buttons are broken, the equaliser is raping my speakers and its huge! so went to jbhifi and got myself this cheapo Alpine CDE-100EUB. It has front USB and AUX, plays mp3/wma/aac and is single din. i'll get it installed this weekend and find myself a single din pocket until i come up with money to get defi's. Also won a $20 officeworks voucher at work so i spent that on a usb stick.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i'm on a boat! everybody on the motherfuckin' boat!

Some good news today! Streeter has just sent off my rims on the boat to australia. the downside is that its a 6-9 week wait.. which sucks balls but oh well! i save alot of money for opting for sea shipping instead of EMS. Can't wait for them to arrive!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enter mid month limbo...

Procrastinate, we've all done it! whether it'd be at home, work or when you're out. That moment when you know you've gotta start or complete something but you just cant be bothered so your thoughts run off somewhere else.

This tends to occur most for me during the middle of the month. The reason for this is that at the beginning of each month i'm giddy and excited like a school girl at a jonas brothers concert. Why? because i just got paid (monthly pay) and i'm mad oprah rich ballin' dawg!! for that first week i sort out my finances, research and look for things to purchase and spend spend spend!. At the end of every month i'm either struggling to survive or anxiously counting down before the next pay day so i can make my next round of purchases. but what happens in between? well after the bank account is bled dry and i wait for goodies to arrive in the post, i do nothing.. no looking for parts, no purchases, no lavish outings.. i just do what i can to ensure i have enough money to get by. I refer to this as the mid month limbo its a place in between heaven (pay day) and hell (end of the month brokeness). its during this limbo period that i do my best procrastinating lol.

Today I was supposed to finish something at home for work. It would've taken 5 mins of brain time but instead i chose to procrastinate. The subject of today's thoughts? a reflection of where i am right now in life. So lets have a look see.. i'm 25yrs old, at this age most people would have established themselves in life. I'm talking of a secure foothold in their career with decent pay packet of course, perhaps a decent amount of savings, an investment, travelled to many places, a nice car, a long term relationship etc. the stepping stones to a good and happy future. Unfortunately, life is never how you plan it and the reality is that at 25 ... i've done fuck all for myself and my future ! hahaha.

I dont have that foot hold in my career, in fact i've just barely started my career and haven't secured my place in the industry. The pay packet is small but enough to support my evo. I used to have a decent savings but that was fizzled away on cars, i've not travelled anywhere apart from interstate. there was an opportunity to invest but with the bubbling market its just not an avenue i should explore in my current position. long term relationship? non existant! but the nice car is there.. and its that car that has led me away from achieving the other things in my life. It is kinda depressing when you feel you've got nothing to show for it but rest assured this is not a serious problem. In fact, as i write this i'm already drinking my big glass of concrete and hardening the fuck up because despite the thought of achieving nothing i'm still happy and have no regrets! lol. I'm surrounded by a group of supportive and good friends who keep the laughs going and keep life interesting lol.

That said, i think its best i made a few changes just so i can enjoy my 20's a little more. I've only just started my career so that will get better as long as i put the hard yards in. My obsession for my cars has always taken priority over other things and the biggest change here is that i will tone down the dedication, i dont have any savings or opportunities to travel because of my cars and its time i get out and about before its too late.

This doesn't mean that the evo will be sold or neglected, its just that i wont be spending ALL my money and time on the Evo. This will be my biggest test, if i can control the money going towards the car and focus a little more on saving and clearing debt. I will definitely be able to explore the world a little more! so thats investments, travelling, finances covered.

Relationships ? I actually don't mind the single life its very carefree but sometimes you get the need for more.. hmm i should hit a brothel or something LOL. Nahh I'm not that desperate...just yet. But there are times where i miss having someone around but i'm in no rush. I can say that my past relationships have taught me alot about my flaws and i've learnt from my previous mistakes. So one thing is certain, if the right person comes along and that opportunity comes knocking i will saddle up and bring it like i've never had before!

But as scarface once said:
"first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women..."

To kickstart these proposed changes.. i will stop one my disgusting habits, if i can do this i can do the rest! haha and so i say goodbye to biting my nails

Mid month limbo.. what a waste of time.. hahaha

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The wheel war has ended and we have a victor

This is going to be a long post lol..

Its been a full on week of research, forum trolling, mind fucking and annoying my friends but i've finally reached my decision! I started off thinking about what size of rim to go with, the winner was 17x9.5J rims. Reasoning behind this was that 18's look too big on evo 4 5 6's so with a 17 i can run higher and fatter profile tyres which is what i want. why 9.5 inch rims? those are just too wide you ask? these are my street rims and if you want a nice aggressive look you go with wide rims! 9.5 rims in the right offsets tend to provide a very aggressive rim design (think crazy dish or concave) these also fit on evo's and are run by many track spec evos by j tuning houses. Although they wont be doing and full lock turns on the track i'll have to hope it will be okay on the street. Tyres will probably be 255/40/17, 255/45/17 or 245/45/17 if i want a little stretch. Unfortunately with 255/45's tyre choice if very limited so i may just go with the 40's and lower the car abit more.. fingers crossed its not going to be a huge pain at that height hehe.

Now, before we announce the winner lets introduce the candidates and the reasons why i did/didn't choose the rims in the end.

Wedsport TC105N - A beautiful rim! unfortunately if you wanted concave just like this picture the only sizes you could get are 18x9.5 +10 or 18x10.5 and these just dont fit! in a 17x9.0 +25 or 17x9.5 there is just hardly any concave and i wasnt prepared to take the risk on buying them despite looking so hot.

Wedsport SA70 - i've seen this fitted on evos and all i can say is WOW! they look so good with its concave and blue inner lip. But once again if you want the really good concave you will have to go with 18x9.0 +20 or 18x10 +18 again both wont fit with the former being just borderline if my calculations are correct. Its a real shame as i really wanted these.

Rays RE30 - the baller rim as i call it! this is the badboy in the rays range. built super tough with decent design it shouldve been a sure winner. however, i've always had a problem with these rims. From what i've seen in terms of sizes is that it just doesnt offer enough dish for the sizes i want to run and in my opinion the re30 looks like complete shit without the heavy dish. If you look at google you'll see that the bigger and more dish the re30 has the better it looks. Also these rims are extremely expensive with quotes of 800-1000 per rim. including tyres i would be looking at spending up to 7k. As much as i love my evo and want to spoil it with high quality j parts, i just cant afford to spend that much on wheels especially if they wont look as good on my car in the size i'm opting for.

The runner up!
SSR Type C RS - after seeing the gallery evo's in hyperev i knew i wanted these rims. but the question remained, will these provide the concave i'm looking for? the answer was a mindblank lol. in the magazines 17x9.5+28 offered the concave i was looking for and the RS was supposed to look more agressive compared to the Type C but pictures and real life are never the same and without finding a supplier with stock in sydney it was hard to get an answer. The design of the rim is quite boring but with concave they looked tough on an evo. But without seeing one in real life in the specs i wanted, they had to go on the back burner.

The winner.
Work emotion XD9! - The safest choice which met my criteria perfectly were these rims and as a bonus they were the cheapest too lol. In a 17x9.5 they offered an obscene amount of dish, were of a great and tough looking design. PerfecTOoH! I found someone with a set of these in +17 offset to trial fit on my car (thanks spools!) and they looked crazy tough but stuck out too much and would not work with the profiles i wanted to run. so the safest bet was to go with +28 offset (next one up on the sheets). the stock rim is about +35 offset and the gallery cars run +28 which looks almost flush in pics so i'll be going with those.

A quick email to "streeter" and the rims were ordered in white with replacement stickers for when i powdercoat them! now that teh wheels are out the way i can focus on what the car is lacking.. POWER AND NOISE! RAWRRRR

heres some pics of the XD9 +17 wheels fitted to my car. white doesnt look too bad!