Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bills bills bills ?

looks like its going to be a month of bills for november. i've started to save up for a trip overseas and i'm determined to stick by it, although i was quite tempted to use my very little savings to purchase something big for the evo in november. I have however knocked some sense into myself and decided not to buy it.. yet hahah.

Anyways just had my car serviced at Meek and my rego is due and the total damage is just under $1000, alot cheaper if the fuckwits in the motoring industry didnt decide to slap under 30 drivers with some bullshit MCIS levy.. what this levy actually is ? i've no idea!. Theres also the possibility that the killer quarterly bills are due Water, Electricity and Council. thats another $1000 gone.. WELL FUCK ME IN THE ASS! I HOPE ITS NOT THIS MONTH!@#!

so that doesn't leave me with any real cash to buy a catback exhaust for the car. As you may know, the car is too quiet and i wanted to extract some more power. I had been in heavy thought into what the perfect exhaust package would be. Titanium catbacks were heavily considered thanks to its unique sound, performance and light weight but the price is just too much.. something like 2.3k for a titanium system landed in aus. For that same amount i can buy a proven quality stainless catback system with dump and front pipe. I sat on the thought for a few days and decided that was the best route for me. It still sticks with my strictly JDM parts and only the best for the evo just without the baller titanium status. But more on my exhaust combo when i get around to making those purchases.

Just to keep me going, i've purchased some cheap rice lol. it'll be the only purchase for november as i have to keep money aside for powdercoating and tyres for my rims which by the way are still on a freakin' boat ! only 3-4weeks to go i think!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i'm just struttin

WOW, i didnt know that couriers worked on saturdays! so i was surprised to see the post guy standing at my door step with a large package (lol dirty minds unite!). I had ordered a cusco triangular strut brace with brake cylinder stopper a few weeks ago and its finally arrived!

installation is easy: unbolt your struts, remove the existing brace, bolt in the new brace, bolt in the brake cylinder stopper and tighten.

old brace will be on ebay for sale, will add a link once its up. i've yet to drive the car but i can never really tell the difference with braces haha. its just some extra stiffness and bling for the evo lol

now for the hardest part of this job.. should i or where the hell do i put the cusco racing sticker! haha

old brace is now for sale on ebay

Saturday, October 10, 2009

wangan midnight dreams...

Im not a complete fan of old skool and classic shapes. hell, i consider a majority of these old classics ugly looking lumps of metal. but in recent times i've come to appreciate the committment and style that has gone into restoring/re-creating these old birds.. such as the kpgc10 gt-r, the awesome datto 510's, old celicas and the iconic datsun 240z. Its the 240z that has me going ga-ga at the moment, the lovely lines, rear wheel layout and L-series powerplant is something a 25yr old car nut like myself lusts over. This interest or perhaps flavour of the month was heightened after watching and reading the wangan midnight series. The story is based around Akio and his Blue 240z labelled the "Devil-Z" a 3.1L custom twin-turbo that frequents the wangan highways and battles other cars such as evo's, gt-r's, rx7's and the "blackbird" porsche in intense 300km/h runs.

Today, during my usual raids i came across this absolute gem of a car. It is actually the owner of the workshop who complied my evo's car. its a fully restored 1976 Red 260z with 31000kms and wait for it.., a 3.1L stroked L28 engine, long list of period specific goodies and fat watanabes to boot. Not quite the 240z but the 260 is just a 240 with bigger engine anyway.

The stance and presence is incredible! colour (YES RED :D), body, engine .. everything is perfect. its the stuff dreams are made of! in fact its what i would dream of having if i ever ventured off into the world of old skool monsters. The cost of this beautiful car? $50,000. a bargain? for something that will probably appreciate in value.. maybe!, especially if you want a showstopper that'll induce aural orgasms with that roaring stroked engine. This kids, is the classic car i WANT, my very own "Devil-Z" !!

mmmm, now wheres my balaclava, gun and the nearest bank.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

fizzled out

Its been a few weeks and i've no updates to report. my rims are still on a boat, i've got another package coming from japan soon. I started up my holiday savings account and so i'll be slowly contributing to that.

evo is running good and is booked in for a service with meek on tuesday. can u believe it? i've done roughly 11000-12000kms in the evo in about 4months, i think thats alot of driving lol. i'll be getting some quotes soon on a catback exhaust, i have a few exhaust combos in mind but am quite set on the exhaust masters fujitsubo. Will update this blog with something more worthwhile soon!

p.s dont you just loveeeee watching tracking on items!