Monday, November 30, 2009

unleashing the inner whore

Been experimenting with ride heights over the past few days, it would look like the original height (2 finger gap between tyre and guard) i had is the best one to ensure minimal scraping of front and rear guards. Kinda sucks as i'd love to have gone lower but the compromise is just not worth it.

Anyways, attended some meets this weekend along with whoring all over the city lol. heres pics from JDMST rims/tyres meet and Hunter Valley Cruise. Going to another meet up tonight for some photatos then the car's due for service.

Monday, November 23, 2009

exterior. COMPLETE!

Been doing alot of research and discussion on forums to see if anyone is running the same wheel combo as me. i've been scraping heavily on bumps and turns with people in the car like.. really bad scraping !! i'm starting to question if the ambitious choice of 255/40/17's were going to work on my car. i came up with the following solutions:

1) sell off my yummy dunlops for a smaller tyre, 245/40/17 or 235/45/17 for a stretched look that will clear the rear.
2) raise the car more or stiffen up teh rear by changing the spring rate
3) cut the rear plastic wheel arches so that the tyres clear

1st option = expensive, 2nd = compromises handling, 3rd = winner. everyone had pushed me to go with option 3 and thats what i did. so we attacked the arches this weekend and cut about 2/3's of the lip off using a dremel and a stanley knife. not the most professional job but its good and clean enough for me. i'll be testing the ride during the week with various people in the car to see how it fares. fingers crossed it doesnt scrape too much so i can lower the car a little more.. so i can have the perfect stance. but for now, EXTERIOR COMPLETE-UUUUUUU~

the master of backyard mechanics.. steve-o !!

trim we cut off

arch after cutting

yeah bitch we got clearance!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

freakin' jzx invasion

hung out with some of the jzx crew today, was tagging along with james (we'll call him cunt) and his friend ... james (we'll call him jaymez) get their new rims fitted with tyres. They packed up the echo with like 6 rims and tyres, damn that things roomy haha. we went to doora to get tyres fitted but ran into a snag when fitting them onto jaymez chaser. the boys at doora are too used to fitting lebbo rims to cars and didnt have a socket thin enough to loosen the jdm rims.

So we headed off to Big-O tyres and got them fitted. Cunt is a regular there and they know him well, i was actually quite happy today cause i was getting props for my car by the tyre shops and passers by in cars and on foot, makes the pain of my wheels experience worth it... onto the pics!

jaymez got Origin labs DNA01 rims and they were resprayed in blackish/purple chrome.
Cunt had work VSXX on the rear and work VSKF on the front. they are all running stretched tyres so it provided me with good insight into what stretched profiles i could possibily run.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

scraping into the sunset

Dropped by the local spare parts shop this afternoon and picked up some spacers. they are 5mm floating spacers which will provide enough clearance for the brembos. so on they went and presto ! cleared front brakes with about 1-2mm of space between rim and caliper YAY!. threw the rears on, re-attached my new black rear wing plate, went for a test drive and well scraped the whole way LOL so out came the jacks again.

Raised the front to a legal height (2 finger gap between arch and tyre) also raised the rear a little. went for a test drive and all is good with just me in the car. this definitely wont hold with a full load of people so i'm currently thinking of a solution for that. anyways heres some pics of the evo's new look.

more pics on my flickr site

Monday, November 16, 2009

when the shit hits the fan...

dammit, so close yet so far!! i started bright and early today, gave fedex a call and told them i'd be picking up my tyres. Went to meek to loosen up my rear coilovers so i can adjust the height, they wern't digging my chromes but they know it was only temporary. Zoomed home, picked up a few things and went to get my rims. I must say i was a little disappointed in the quality (FUCK!@#) but at such a cheap price i guess i couldnt complain. Then i went to fedex to get my wheels, getting to the driveway i fucked up and scraped my front bar, red paint gone.. (FUCK!#!) need to take more care with this ride height, lesson learned (FUCK!@#) dropped by the local tyre place and got my wheels fitted and balanced, then back to the crib to install.. oh yeh just to note, it was fucking 40degrees today ! and i'm running around like a headless chook sorting this shit out.. hahah (FUCK!@#!). So i start to fit my tyres and to my surprise the fronts dont fit !!! they rub and foul against the caliper (FUCK!@#!) anyways after some advice from my old man and friends we decided to grind the caliper down abit, refitted the rim and it was still touching. Instead of risking damaging the caliper and the rim we decided to put some spacers so we know what we need to buy. Turns out its best to buy a 5mm floating spacer and it will solve our problem.. so end of the day, im 50% away from completion and everything that could go wrong did.. FUCK MY LIFE.

i'll grab a spacer tomorrow and hopefully things will go alot smoother...
pic of the rim with our dodgy spacer just to see how things sit

Sunday, November 15, 2009

iced out everythanggggg

fuck it was hot today!
swapped my rims this morning with my friend james so that he could clear some defects he got last nite (fuck the police!!).

specs are:
Front: Work XT7 18x9.5
Rear: Work VSKF 18x9.5

i must say the offest is perfect and the size isnt bad either... fingers crossed my +28's sit just as well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

almost ridin' dirty

Quick update, rims and wing plate have now been dropped off for powdercoating. I've just paid for my tyres from the U.S of A ($$$ ;_;)so fingers crossed they are all ready by the end of the week. Regos paid, council and water bills paid, just electricity left but i'll leave that for the end of the month. All thats left now is tyre fitment, wheel nuts and a wheel alignment. that will be all my expenses for November. All i need is a quiet weekend and i'll comfortably survive this month lol.

real shit dawg!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I've had the worst morning, traffic was horrific, my stomach was fucked up, work was busy as hell and to top it off it was hot as fuck! welcome to Monday's in Sydney. after a boring lunch, i hopped on to track my rims and to my surprise it said they were in sydney ready for delivery. woo~! i was thinking they'd be in my hands sometime during the week but again to my surprise, the postman dropped by work and handed my wheels over!. Upon closer inspection of my rims i noticed that one rim was scratched, i guess thats the drawback of cheap sea shipping but not to worry that'll be fixed at the painters.

Nightmares were also confirmed with council, water and electric bills sitting on my desk. I will need to be frugal with money in order to pay for powdercoating, tyres, wheel nuts, rego and bills this month. Goodbye holiday fund but helloooooo sexy car!

the damage

the dish (Standard issue pic 7cm dish)

the rims (white for now...)