Wednesday, December 30, 2009

evolutionoz meet

no updates with the car this month, its all about celebrations and just enjoying what i've got! i got news of an tonight so i decided to check it out, it was just on the waters of parramatta river near the Le Montage restaurant. was a great meet with the perfect backdrop. i met many new faces and they quite enjoyed the rim choice for my evo *commence ego stroking*.

heres some of the pics. rest are on my flickr

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

bavarian lust

we all remember a while back i posted about my attraction of the toyota aristo as a future pimp mobile. now from the other part of the globe and as part of a short series of cars i wish to own after the evo comes this bavarian treat.

i've always considered european cars to be out of price range and something i would never own but the power and attraction of the BMW 335i is making me think that *YES* i can own this car.. when the price drops... considerably of course! cause right now they are about 100k AUD second hand (FML!). Anyways, bmw's ooze class and success, they handle exceptionally well and are full of comfort but why has the 335i got me going gaga? (rah rah-ah-ah roma roma-ma) the answer is simple, its a 2 door 3L twin turbo 225kw machine! and in terms of mods, BMW's only need 2 things: coilovers and BBS LM's!!!

you'll see what i mean below. hot damn, its sex on wheels.. i can save up for this car! :), stay tuned for the other 2 contenders!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

feelin' like an aristo-crat

i've been randomly thinking of cars i'd like to own after the evo. the focus is definitely shifting away from hi-po cars and moving towards cruisers and boats, mods won't be as plentiful. Recently, i've taken interest in one cruiser.. known as the JZS161 Toyota Aristo (98-05). Although sold and known locally as the Lexus GS300 the JDM Toyota Aristo is the one that has peaked my interest. Why ? because it comes with the most bulletproof of engines, the 3L twin turbo 2JZ-GTE. theres something about a bulletproof bottom end and the potential for crazy amounts of power that makes the 2jz such a great and appealing engine. its a lexus so the interiors gonna be good and its a cruiser so super good handling isnt a concern either, it ticks all the boxes except 2. it isn't available in australia nor does it come in manual which is a real shame but hey!! maybe in the future they'll be available for import

Now you're probably wondering why the aristo?? the answer is these 3 cars.

1) Friends Racing Aristo - i'm a huge fan of Inose's exploits in this boat, its a 1000hp + nos fitted beast that smokes up everything and anything, watch the youtube vids and you'll know why this car is just so awesome. its subtle kit, big rims, obscene power is what i'd love for MY aristo!

2) Manabu Orido's Ridox Aristo - Max ORIDO ! ROLLING NICE! orido is an absolute gun of a drifter and his daily beast is nothing short of cool. sporting the aggressive ridox kit, the aristo is transformed from a mundane family cruiser to a steroid pumped brawler.

3) Aristo - we all know i'm a sucker for red, but this vertex kitted car is just beautiful, theres nothing more to say! the vertex kit matched with concaved rims is perfect.

So.. if i had my way how would i do it? easy. i would be blending bits and pieces from these cars into one. My aristo would be black, with ridox front bar, vertex sides and rear. large BBS rims, manual conversion and at least 400hp at the rears.

another contender will emerge from the shadows soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

V8 Supercars Telstra 500

Scored some free tickets through work to the v8 supercars telstra 500 @ olympic park. Its the final round of the series and the first time the cars have raced in olympic park. The weather and atmosphere was good and the racing was action packed. Fast cars, fine women and great weather you couldnt ask for anything more! The only downside was that i got sunburnt :(

pics are here

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EvolutionOZ mini meet

was bored last nite so i attended a mini evooz meet. they were escorting some yr 10 students to their formal. one guy managed to charge their passengers $80each to drive them .. WTF! i need to make my car super hot so i can make money like that LOL. anyways, we took some pics afterwards at a local industrial park. the evo whoring stops today.