Tuesday, December 21, 2010

merry xmas everyone!

seasons greetings readers!

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 employment exodus !

it appears that everyone is out looking for jobs! in Scouts, there have been 6 of us that have left in the past 3 months including myself. Our team of 10 strong is reduced to 4 with another 2 out looking for new work LOL.

Frieda had also started a new job recently and loving it too! My friends are also looking.. with Jess being the latest with landing a great opportunity CONGRATS !!. My friend michelle is waiting to hear about her second interview and my other friends are searching in the new year.

there must be something about 2010 that has spurred us all to fuck off and look for new opportunities

is it the same for you out there?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

flying into 2011

starting a new job next week. im shitting myself LOL, while its been fun times here at my current job. i'm not learning enough nor will be earning enough. The new place is a bank so hopefully this brings more opportunity, more money and more learning! lets hope its not fucked hahah.

its almost been a year with my woman, things are going great and i've never been happier. our anniversary is coming up and i'm lost as to what to do just yet.. so i'm open to ideas lol. i'm not sure if i want to do the typical fancy restaurant thing but i am craving for some fineeee dining duck !

like everyone else, people start to set goals and resolutions for the new year. my objectives remain the same: clear debt, mod cars and now mod bikes. but like everyone else who sets goals, they pussyfoot around and never really achieve them. heres hoping i'm the exception this year.

amazing what a ratchet and some lube can do

finally rid of that knocking noise, it was pillowball centre nut on the coilovers. cleaned up teh coilovers with some spray. tightened the nut up and the knocking is now gone.

someone on evooz is going to bring in some monstersport intake kits.. will be keeping a close eye on that. expected to be in aus on in march! i wanttttt

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just like new!

popped by GTpumps today, decided that instead of forking out $400 for a single evo8 coilpack. i could get 4 single direct coil on plug ignition upgrade kit. this means that i wouldnt suffer any energy loss with traditional coilpack+leads route and if one fails its easily replaced instead of having 2 sets of 2.

so in the car it goes, misfire is gone.. car pulls well and running great. the softened up coilovers have stopped hte knocking. very happy!

now i have a set of ngk leads i gotta sell lol.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

poor poor wallet...

clicked over 100,000kms. major service is now complete!
now take a deep breath, cause this is going to hurt...

Gates Racing Balancer Belt
Gates Racing Main Belt

Genuine Hi-Temp Seals (4G63 camshaft, crankshaft, oil pump, balance shaft)
Koyo Timing Belt Bearing Set
Genuine Hydraulic tensioner
Genuine Water Pump
Genuine EVO8 Harmonic Balancer
Genuine EVO7 Drive Belt
Genuine oil filter

WOW, i really got the most out of my belts. was good to know that everything on the car was oem so the car has its original k's and not your usual tampered odo haha.

Also installed my new 11psi actuator and to finish off the day.. i got a Meek front pipe! haha this'll give the car a little more umph

Car is fresh as fuck now! i've softened the coilovers to see
if they help with the knocking. The car is still developing a misfire so the last thing on the ignition line is coilpacks. FML!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

maintenance over mods

drawing ever so close to the 100000km mark. this is when the wallet gets smacked around hard, the major service is due along with anything else that needs replacing.

last week i had leads and sparkies replaced, this week i've picked up a new turbo actuator .. finally LOL. this will hopefully stop boost cut and my hesitation issue, if it doesnt then it'll come down to sparkies or possibly coilpacks (god i hope not)

also developed a knocking issue from my drivers side wheel well. strut tops? steering? diff bolts? no idea but i hope its nothing serious.
timing belt, balancers and other things to be replaced this thursday.. hoping for a new car haha

Friday, November 5, 2010

moving on

its time to take the next step in my career. i've had a good time at my current workplace but i cant learn anymore nor can i progress any further. its time to take a punt and hunt for a new place.

fingers crossed i get something good lol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ohh mis-doubt-fire!

car suffered from a bad misfiring issue a few weeks ago. it was sounding like a wrx haha, turns out i had not changed my plugs since .. having the car (rookie mistake). a set of NGK plugs and leads and all is well... kinda? i've got either a boost cut or hesitation issue when i put the foot down. Will speak to the boys @ meek when the car goes in for the massive fuck my life service.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

guess who's back? back again!

back from japan, what an awesome place! loved every minute of it and did not want to come back home.

Massive photodump and blog about my trip soon.

Just prior to going i went on a photoshoot with twig to just train up on some photo skills.. which still suck balls, pics are up on my flickr

Monday, September 13, 2010

its back... again!

car's back, looking damn fine. Photoshoot this weekend, japan next week.
i'm fucking excited!

hopefully i'll have enough skills to bring you great photatoes

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Front bar respray

Car's at the painters getting a front bar respray!
i cant wait, the car will be looking lovely and fresh !!

.... have to save up for major 100,000km service FML.


Monday, August 9, 2010

85yr old kisses my bitch!

dammit, 85 yr old man hit the front of my car at maccas with his brick toyota camry, i dont think he should be allowed to drive.
luckily the front is due for a respray so now i dont have to pay a cent for it. let the stupid insurance claim process start again ....

this car sure has some bad luck! and theres nothing new to report with the car either, less than 50 days to go till i leave for japan! woooo~!

Monday, June 21, 2010

xd9 owners rejoice!

quick photoshoot with mano and i, we both rock xd9 rims and manos got his fitment sorted out. his euro is one of the best looking around but its also the most shagged and driven too haha.

pics are here and here

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


dropped by meek this morning and got myself a ... Fujitsubo RM01A catback. All i can say is WOW, the quality is absolutely top notch. Its pure japanese porn, the exhaust note is beautiful and not loud either. A great exhaust for my car, quite the improvement from the super straw thin stock exhaust haha. I also got my rear brake pads changed and a service. cars looking fresh, although its heading towards timing belt time.. thats going to fuck my life. i'll try not to drive too much so i can get it done after japan.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

guard rolling

got the front evo guards rolled on the weekend with mano. the results are excellent! not only do i have more room, my guards were pumped out as they got rolled so it looks a bit more aggressive. the drawback? some of my plastic trim has been cut out in order for the rolling *prepares to be burned by the boys @ meek* and despite having more room in the guards for my wheels, i could only drop the car just a little under 10mm's because the tyres foul against hte plastic guard lining at full lock !!! DAMMIT!@#!

big shoutout to Nelson @ Sydney Guard Rolling for the exceptional work

heres a pic of the car at the height i wanted, unfortunately the front has gone up a little since then.

tomorrow brings another update to the car then its back to the mod freeze. must think of japan!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

over the hill now?

its my birthday in 2 weeks! im turning 26. FML! i've decided to break the mod freeze and treat myself to a few mods. stay tuned!

dont buy fake shit... ever

after driving the car around nsw for a network rollout at work. i discovered large pools of radiator fluid under the front drivers side of my car. i had a look at the area and thought it was the water pump, but realised that this wasnt the gti-r and the pump is in the back of the engine haha. Anywho after a quick visit to meek one afternoon it was determined that culprit was my "ralliart" radiator cap. it had been on the car since the previous owner in japan and only now i was told .. it was fake LOL. it wasnt holding pressure properly which was causing all the fluid to push out my overflow.

You see, the fake version has a rubber seal under the cap and a pussyfied spring, whilst the real ralliart has a silicon seal and a tougher spring to hold pressure. $60 later the issue is solved and i can toss the fake cap in the bin.

That goes to show kids.. no matter how small or insignificant the mod is, ALWAYS BUY GENUINE! cause somehow, someway.. the fake shit will fail you!


Real deal!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

SuperLap - Eastern Creek

Went to see the World time attack at Eastern Creek on the weekend with dave, mano and trevor. Im a huge fan of the Cyber Evo so after hearing they were coming down to australia to compete against the best from Australia and USA i jumped at the chance to see the evo i admire so much. there were lots of cars of different makes on show and it was amazing to see the engineering behind it all. End of the day Tarzan Yamada piloted the Cyber Evo to the quickest time followed by the Sierra-Sierra Enterprise evo and K20a powered Lotus. GOO EVO!

pics here

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

spaced out

Finally got around to buying spacers, after some research i decided to get 5mm evo specific (correct centre size etc) Ichiba spacers instead of the H&R trak's. Reason being is that these spacers although cheaper than h&r are just as good and have heard some good feedback on them. I got them in the mail today and replaced my old cheapo spacers. I then thought.. hmm lets throw these on the rear, so the cheap spacers are now on my rear wheels pushing out my offsets to +23 all round.

Looking perfect now, but the next few days will decide if they stay on.. cause as we all know, sydney roads are shit and i'll probably scrape and scrub everywhere. lets hope thats not the case!


Out with the old

In with the new

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mini shoot

my friend mike asked me to take some pics of his mini cooper s as he was putting it up for sale, we cleaned the car the night before but didnt have time to clean the dirty ass interior LOL. met up the next day at officeworks/fernwood and took a few snaps

pics are here

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

car mod financial crisis :(

Looks like I will have to stop car spending as i've just purchased tickets to japan!! i cant wait to go to the land of the rising sun and immerse myself in japanese culture. I'll be going in late september for 2.5 weeks and will be visiting tokyo, osaka, hiroshima, kyoto, miyajima and other popular cities/districts. Although the trip won't be car orientated i'll try fit in some car museums and stores like super autobacs. fingers crossed they still stock cp9a parts haha.

The planning begins soon along with sacrifices to ensure i have alot of money for it. ie. buying evo mods :(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

stupid fucking parking ramps!

latest mod for the evo ... front lip scrapage!
out at the entrance for the weekend, i tried to negotiate which was probably the worlds worst designed carpark. Not only was the turn so tight to get around, it was also very fkn steep. Now being in an evo with a horrible turning circle and fat ass rims.. can only lead to one thing.. getting stuck on 3 wheels and scraping the front bar lip. very painful!! i will put some cash aside to get it resprayed cause right now it looks disgusting

heres a pic!, fucking entrance!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i'm bringing sexy back.. YEAH!

over the last few months i've noticed my car slowly turning pink.. its giving me the shits cause its really noticeable now. Since i dont want to spend the money on a respray, my mate Koval recommended i give autoglym ultra deep shine a go. He said it worked a treat on his evo and it'll restore my headlights too. So i gave it ago yesterday and the results are well.. very good, the colour came back and my wheel arches are looking more red than off pink. I don't have an orbital sander so i've been doing it by hand. i'll be working on it more today to try get the car back to its former glory.

Monday, February 8, 2010

totally jazzed up

went for a photoshoot with the guys this weekend. despite the shocking weather we still had some good times just hanging and talking shit. the subject of our photoshoot is david's honda jazz powered by a dc5s k20a. the car is an absolute weapon and theres not many cars that could beat it on the street, an all out build the thing is packed with top of the line hardware. i had mano's lense so i took a few pics and had a play with lightroom to get them looking alright.. its a great piece of software and can turn even the most retarded pics into something decent. pics from the shoot are here!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a nissan man for life?

the last in my short series of "life after evo" contenders. we move back to the land of the rising sun to a brand that i've always loved.. Nissan. In recent times, the skyline has changed from a family sized boat to a stylish executive cruiser. The V36/V37 shows this change clearly and its this model that i would consider. more refined and modern compared to the v35 the v36/v37 is just a better package all round. Powerplant? 240kw 3.7L v6 with some tuning potential (gotta love japs). Modifications? YOU FUCKING BET I WILL! like all jap cars.. you just cant leave it stock! big rims, coilovers, exhaust, intake and if i'm feeling loopy.. zele performance bodykit ! haha prices now are roughly 50-60k so its definitely affordable.. most important of all.. i'd be back in a nissan and its a car i can see myself in !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

going stale

the money well has well and truly dried up. debts were fast increasing so i had to use money to reduce some of that.. this means that the evo modding is now on a freeze. i'm getting paid next week but i wont be getting any mods. Im up to the 20,000km mark so the car is due for a full fluid change $$$, i still need to get a new actuator so i might just do that too and get an upgraded one (MORE BOOST!). i'm thinking of having a few budget weekends so i've planned this:

H&R trak 5mm spacers and extended studs (to replace my cheapo ones)
Restoring brembo calipers - colour to be revealed

To do this i'll be following these guides from SAU and EvoOZ

going to be buying the following:
VHT or Shelleys paint stripper
400 grit wet/dry sand paper
VHT caliper paint
VHT clear coat
Hi-Temp Brembo stickers

again cosmetic mods but it will REALLY complete the exterior and tide me over till i start going for power. lets hope the wallet doesnt take a raping !!
will have an update soon with full step-by-step DIY, i'll also be attempting to restore some colour into faded red body parts on the car too..

Friday, January 15, 2010

audi addiction?

well not quite, its been a while between posts so i thought i'd break the drought by revealing another contender on my list of cars to get after the evo. Once again we look to the european marques for the next car. Behold ! the Audi A5/S5. I've always been a fan of these cars when i first laid eyes on them. A beautiful looking coupe with a nice ass and great set of headlights.. just like a finely tuned woman you'd wanna get in on that asap! the powerplant is more than enough for a cruiser with the a5 having a 3.2L 195kw and the S5 having teh more appealing 260kw v8. modification wise i would most likely keep it standard cause these things are dead sexy right out the showroom. Unfortunately, prices are much like the BMW.. with the a5 asking close to a whopping 100k and the s5 .. wait for it.. 130k ! who knows how these prices will be in a few years time but it will definitely be something to consider.. once i pull off the ultimate bank caper :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its 2010 bitches! 2 years left before we all die *YIKES*

Happy New Year !! hope you guys partied till you dropped, i certainly did! This years theme was a Hollywood/Tv Shows/Celebs costume party. I came as Monkey Magic, the most awesome monkey in history hahah. My family are overseas at the moment and i've been living alone.. so I left the house to my friend Jess so that she could spend it with her girls after their plans were spoiled which was good considering i didnt even make it back home after passing out at the bbq ROFL !

Great times, great friends, good memories.. lots of drinking and food. you couldn't ask for more.

Not much for the car this month. Just going to buy some high quality spacers and am contemplating longer wheel studs for peace of mind but more on that later..

Its been an eventful 2009 and lets hope 2010 takes it to whole new level!