Saturday, January 30, 2010

going stale

the money well has well and truly dried up. debts were fast increasing so i had to use money to reduce some of that.. this means that the evo modding is now on a freeze. i'm getting paid next week but i wont be getting any mods. Im up to the 20,000km mark so the car is due for a full fluid change $$$, i still need to get a new actuator so i might just do that too and get an upgraded one (MORE BOOST!). i'm thinking of having a few budget weekends so i've planned this:

H&R trak 5mm spacers and extended studs (to replace my cheapo ones)
Restoring brembo calipers - colour to be revealed

To do this i'll be following these guides from SAU and EvoOZ

going to be buying the following:
VHT or Shelleys paint stripper
400 grit wet/dry sand paper
VHT caliper paint
VHT clear coat
Hi-Temp Brembo stickers

again cosmetic mods but it will REALLY complete the exterior and tide me over till i start going for power. lets hope the wallet doesnt take a raping !!
will have an update soon with full step-by-step DIY, i'll also be attempting to restore some colour into faded red body parts on the car too..

Friday, January 15, 2010

audi addiction?

well not quite, its been a while between posts so i thought i'd break the drought by revealing another contender on my list of cars to get after the evo. Once again we look to the european marques for the next car. Behold ! the Audi A5/S5. I've always been a fan of these cars when i first laid eyes on them. A beautiful looking coupe with a nice ass and great set of headlights.. just like a finely tuned woman you'd wanna get in on that asap! the powerplant is more than enough for a cruiser with the a5 having a 3.2L 195kw and the S5 having teh more appealing 260kw v8. modification wise i would most likely keep it standard cause these things are dead sexy right out the showroom. Unfortunately, prices are much like the BMW.. with the a5 asking close to a whopping 100k and the s5 .. wait for it.. 130k ! who knows how these prices will be in a few years time but it will definitely be something to consider.. once i pull off the ultimate bank caper :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its 2010 bitches! 2 years left before we all die *YIKES*

Happy New Year !! hope you guys partied till you dropped, i certainly did! This years theme was a Hollywood/Tv Shows/Celebs costume party. I came as Monkey Magic, the most awesome monkey in history hahah. My family are overseas at the moment and i've been living alone.. so I left the house to my friend Jess so that she could spend it with her girls after their plans were spoiled which was good considering i didnt even make it back home after passing out at the bbq ROFL !

Great times, great friends, good memories.. lots of drinking and food. you couldn't ask for more.

Not much for the car this month. Just going to buy some high quality spacers and am contemplating longer wheel studs for peace of mind but more on that later..

Its been an eventful 2009 and lets hope 2010 takes it to whole new level!