Saturday, February 20, 2010

stupid fucking parking ramps!

latest mod for the evo ... front lip scrapage!
out at the entrance for the weekend, i tried to negotiate which was probably the worlds worst designed carpark. Not only was the turn so tight to get around, it was also very fkn steep. Now being in an evo with a horrible turning circle and fat ass rims.. can only lead to one thing.. getting stuck on 3 wheels and scraping the front bar lip. very painful!! i will put some cash aside to get it resprayed cause right now it looks disgusting

heres a pic!, fucking entrance!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i'm bringing sexy back.. YEAH!

over the last few months i've noticed my car slowly turning pink.. its giving me the shits cause its really noticeable now. Since i dont want to spend the money on a respray, my mate Koval recommended i give autoglym ultra deep shine a go. He said it worked a treat on his evo and it'll restore my headlights too. So i gave it ago yesterday and the results are well.. very good, the colour came back and my wheel arches are looking more red than off pink. I don't have an orbital sander so i've been doing it by hand. i'll be working on it more today to try get the car back to its former glory.

Monday, February 8, 2010

totally jazzed up

went for a photoshoot with the guys this weekend. despite the shocking weather we still had some good times just hanging and talking shit. the subject of our photoshoot is david's honda jazz powered by a dc5s k20a. the car is an absolute weapon and theres not many cars that could beat it on the street, an all out build the thing is packed with top of the line hardware. i had mano's lense so i took a few pics and had a play with lightroom to get them looking alright.. its a great piece of software and can turn even the most retarded pics into something decent. pics from the shoot are here!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a nissan man for life?

the last in my short series of "life after evo" contenders. we move back to the land of the rising sun to a brand that i've always loved.. Nissan. In recent times, the skyline has changed from a family sized boat to a stylish executive cruiser. The V36/V37 shows this change clearly and its this model that i would consider. more refined and modern compared to the v35 the v36/v37 is just a better package all round. Powerplant? 240kw 3.7L v6 with some tuning potential (gotta love japs). Modifications? YOU FUCKING BET I WILL! like all jap cars.. you just cant leave it stock! big rims, coilovers, exhaust, intake and if i'm feeling loopy.. zele performance bodykit ! haha prices now are roughly 50-60k so its definitely affordable.. most important of all.. i'd be back in a nissan and its a car i can see myself in !