Wednesday, May 26, 2010

over the hill now?

its my birthday in 2 weeks! im turning 26. FML! i've decided to break the mod freeze and treat myself to a few mods. stay tuned!

dont buy fake shit... ever

after driving the car around nsw for a network rollout at work. i discovered large pools of radiator fluid under the front drivers side of my car. i had a look at the area and thought it was the water pump, but realised that this wasnt the gti-r and the pump is in the back of the engine haha. Anywho after a quick visit to meek one afternoon it was determined that culprit was my "ralliart" radiator cap. it had been on the car since the previous owner in japan and only now i was told .. it was fake LOL. it wasnt holding pressure properly which was causing all the fluid to push out my overflow.

You see, the fake version has a rubber seal under the cap and a pussyfied spring, whilst the real ralliart has a silicon seal and a tougher spring to hold pressure. $60 later the issue is solved and i can toss the fake cap in the bin.

That goes to show kids.. no matter how small or insignificant the mod is, ALWAYS BUY GENUINE! cause somehow, someway.. the fake shit will fail you!


Real deal!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

SuperLap - Eastern Creek

Went to see the World time attack at Eastern Creek on the weekend with dave, mano and trevor. Im a huge fan of the Cyber Evo so after hearing they were coming down to australia to compete against the best from Australia and USA i jumped at the chance to see the evo i admire so much. there were lots of cars of different makes on show and it was amazing to see the engineering behind it all. End of the day Tarzan Yamada piloted the Cyber Evo to the quickest time followed by the Sierra-Sierra Enterprise evo and K20a powered Lotus. GOO EVO!

pics here