Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just like new!

popped by GTpumps today, decided that instead of forking out $400 for a single evo8 coilpack. i could get 4 single direct coil on plug ignition upgrade kit. this means that i wouldnt suffer any energy loss with traditional coilpack+leads route and if one fails its easily replaced instead of having 2 sets of 2.

so in the car it goes, misfire is gone.. car pulls well and running great. the softened up coilovers have stopped hte knocking. very happy!

now i have a set of ngk leads i gotta sell lol.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

poor poor wallet...

clicked over 100,000kms. major service is now complete!
now take a deep breath, cause this is going to hurt...

Gates Racing Balancer Belt
Gates Racing Main Belt

Genuine Hi-Temp Seals (4G63 camshaft, crankshaft, oil pump, balance shaft)
Koyo Timing Belt Bearing Set
Genuine Hydraulic tensioner
Genuine Water Pump
Genuine EVO8 Harmonic Balancer
Genuine EVO7 Drive Belt
Genuine oil filter

WOW, i really got the most out of my belts. was good to know that everything on the car was oem so the car has its original k's and not your usual tampered odo haha.

Also installed my new 11psi actuator and to finish off the day.. i got a Meek front pipe! haha this'll give the car a little more umph

Car is fresh as fuck now! i've softened the coilovers to see
if they help with the knocking. The car is still developing a misfire so the last thing on the ignition line is coilpacks. FML!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

maintenance over mods

drawing ever so close to the 100000km mark. this is when the wallet gets smacked around hard, the major service is due along with anything else that needs replacing.

last week i had leads and sparkies replaced, this week i've picked up a new turbo actuator .. finally LOL. this will hopefully stop boost cut and my hesitation issue, if it doesnt then it'll come down to sparkies or possibly coilpacks (god i hope not)

also developed a knocking issue from my drivers side wheel well. strut tops? steering? diff bolts? no idea but i hope its nothing serious.
timing belt, balancers and other things to be replaced this thursday.. hoping for a new car haha

Friday, November 5, 2010

moving on

its time to take the next step in my career. i've had a good time at my current workplace but i cant learn anymore nor can i progress any further. its time to take a punt and hunt for a new place.

fingers crossed i get something good lol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ohh mis-doubt-fire!

car suffered from a bad misfiring issue a few weeks ago. it was sounding like a wrx haha, turns out i had not changed my plugs since .. having the car (rookie mistake). a set of NGK plugs and leads and all is well... kinda? i've got either a boost cut or hesitation issue when i put the foot down. Will speak to the boys @ meek when the car goes in for the massive fuck my life service.