Tuesday, November 1, 2011


got around to washing the car then went exploring around the area for some photo locations.
Didnt find shit!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

all tied up

A boring post today, it had been a long time since i saw the boys at meek automotive. I popped in today to get my tie rods replaced as it was causing some funky ass steering quirks on my wheels. $200 later i had new tie rods and steering boots!. was also watching the guys upgrade the turbo on another car and all i could think of was ... damn i need to do that shit!!

I'll need to get an alignment so i dont destroy the direzzas..and will get around to taking some new pics of the car! also a fuel pump upgrade is queued up in a few weeks.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

riding dirty

tyres fitted, car lowered... 1inch front, half an inch rear. no real scrub issues.. perfect!
pics to follow...

unfortunately, need new:
- tie rod ends
- fuel pump
- rocker cover gasket and lifters
- clutch eventually

i hate the 100,000km mark

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


sons a bitches took $300 of my hard earned to release me and my mates tyres. finally got them delivered today. will fit them up on the weekend and get moar low..

stancenation here i come?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

WTAC 2011 wrap up

what a day! we arrived at midday and the place was packed with spectators, cars and promo girls. we started out in the show and shine/pit area checking out all the machinery and ladies ;) i must say some of the girls there were way hotter than the promo girls but with the skimpy clothes.. who can complain aye?

There was lots to see and admire off track such as this slammed 370z and mad mikes quad rotor rx7!

As the day went on, the dark clouds were quickly drawing in and we were worried that it would rain out the day. thankfully it didnt ! and we got to witness an exciting battle between the top teams!

IT had all come down to the last 2 sessions on the day. It all came down to the last 2 sessions on Saturday to see who came out on top. In the last 2 sessions, the Panspeed and Revolution Rx7's pushed hard to try and post the fastest time but were silenced when Tarzan and the Unlimited works CyberEVO came out guns blazing! Tarzan was pushing the evo to the absolute limit and it paid off, posting the fastest time of the weekend! A blistering quick 1.28 and cracking the turbo in the process!. It was then up to Sierra-Sierra who had posted a 1.29 on friday to respond but after suffering some engine troubles it was just meant to be for the yanks. Tarzan had done it again! successfully defending his title and becoming the WTAC 2011 winner!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WTAC this weekend!@#!

CYBEREvo, HKS CT230R, SierraSierra.. evogasmic!~
Also cant wait to see the REVolution RX7.. its a car i've been following in Time attack for a while now. what an amazing piece of engineering

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 months on, oh yeh i still have a car

....i totally forgot i had this blog!
its been a crazy last few months and its only about to get worse work wise so i've forgotten about cars/bikes/shoes and other things im into. the car hardly gets driven anymore which is abit of a shame but i guess that saves me some petrol money. On the Evo front the car had its first major service in a while. The positive things were that all my gearbox/diff/engine oils were great and there were no signs of wear on those components. I took the opportunity to change to a high flow cat, fitted some new brake pads and some DBA 4000 front slotted rotors. These are the new design and are meant to incrase cooling efficiency as well as fix some of the issues of the previous design.

I've also got a new set of direzza z1 star specs on the way (MOAR LOW BABY!!)
Next up for the car? Walboro fuel pump! also i wont be able to get my hands on a monstersport intake :(, so i'll chrome out and get a carbing instead.. if finances go well

Stay tuned, i will be taking more pics soon and may even go USDM on teh car!

Finally, my woman has got me into redecorating my room or creating a nicely nerd spot for myself if i move out. Wall Vinyls look very appealing, that is if i can get a custom one of the image i want lol. creating a new bed/room space is something that kinda excites me at the moment. however, i need a place to let loose! hahaha

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

interesting times

its been a great start to 2011 !

they started with celebrating my 1 yr anno with my bitch by taking her on a helicopter tour around the city followed by a great dinner at a place called sorenzo's. we're going great and i've never been happier haha .. gay :\

things at my new workplace are also going well.. after 2 months on the job i just got promoted! YAY to me lol. i've moved into a desktop engineer position and what this means is that i wont have rostered helpdesk work anymore and have better hours and pay. you cant argue with that! theres always a downside though; more pressure to perform well and ALOT to learn as i'll be responisible for the desktop environment of australia + new zealand. quite the challenge but i look forward to it!

ontop of that my interests have sort of branched out. im obsessed with building the upstairs loungeroom into an entertainment room. i've just purchased a 50" plasma tv, added a media PC for streaming, have a wii and xbox 360 with rockband/dj hero setup. all i need now is to purchase a home theatre system and ps3 with GT5 and cockpit etc.

i've also taken up fishing with my mates, its been a relaxing experience and i've always wanted to learn how to fish. right now i suck great ape balls. haha

finally theres the bike, i'm trying to ride often and build up some fitness and stamina. new parts are arriving (alot cheaper than car parts!) and i'm slowly knocking off more weight. the rider has to improve alot tho! :(

im still waiting for monstersport intake for the evo so theres not much i can do there right now... i did come across some cusco stuff on sale for cheap. i might just snap that up.

PS. my debt hole is on the improve too. looking positive !

Friday, February 25, 2011

the evo sits and waits...

its been a long time between posts.. and while the evo hasnt changed at all, my life certainly has.

i'll get into that later but first let me explain why the evo remains unchanged. the answer is simple; i'm happy with it. i like the way the car is at the moment. dont get me wrong, the desire to build my dream evo is as strong as ever.. the problem is parts availability.

theres one purchase i must have for this car and unfortunately its discontinued. i've ALWAYS wanted a monstersport intake and have looked high and low for it. luckily news through evo-oz was that just-jdm had put in a order to have a special batch made but estimates are that it would arrive at the end of march... i'm not really holding my breath :(

so until then.. i can only sit and wait! cause theres nothing i want right now except for a MONSTER INTAKE! hahah

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy new year !

hope you all partied hard and got absolutely shitfaced. i know i did :D haha
after a good recovery session, decided to clean up the garage and set up a small bike area for the upcoming build.

also put all my sneakers in hte garage to stop mum raging about them lying in the house.