Friday, February 25, 2011

the evo sits and waits...

its been a long time between posts.. and while the evo hasnt changed at all, my life certainly has.

i'll get into that later but first let me explain why the evo remains unchanged. the answer is simple; i'm happy with it. i like the way the car is at the moment. dont get me wrong, the desire to build my dream evo is as strong as ever.. the problem is parts availability.

theres one purchase i must have for this car and unfortunately its discontinued. i've ALWAYS wanted a monstersport intake and have looked high and low for it. luckily news through evo-oz was that just-jdm had put in a order to have a special batch made but estimates are that it would arrive at the end of march... i'm not really holding my breath :(

so until then.. i can only sit and wait! cause theres nothing i want right now except for a MONSTER INTAKE! hahah