Wednesday, March 9, 2011

interesting times

its been a great start to 2011 !

they started with celebrating my 1 yr anno with my bitch by taking her on a helicopter tour around the city followed by a great dinner at a place called sorenzo's. we're going great and i've never been happier haha .. gay :\

things at my new workplace are also going well.. after 2 months on the job i just got promoted! YAY to me lol. i've moved into a desktop engineer position and what this means is that i wont have rostered helpdesk work anymore and have better hours and pay. you cant argue with that! theres always a downside though; more pressure to perform well and ALOT to learn as i'll be responisible for the desktop environment of australia + new zealand. quite the challenge but i look forward to it!

ontop of that my interests have sort of branched out. im obsessed with building the upstairs loungeroom into an entertainment room. i've just purchased a 50" plasma tv, added a media PC for streaming, have a wii and xbox 360 with rockband/dj hero setup. all i need now is to purchase a home theatre system and ps3 with GT5 and cockpit etc.

i've also taken up fishing with my mates, its been a relaxing experience and i've always wanted to learn how to fish. right now i suck great ape balls. haha

finally theres the bike, i'm trying to ride often and build up some fitness and stamina. new parts are arriving (alot cheaper than car parts!) and i'm slowly knocking off more weight. the rider has to improve alot tho! :(

im still waiting for monstersport intake for the evo so theres not much i can do there right now... i did come across some cusco stuff on sale for cheap. i might just snap that up.

PS. my debt hole is on the improve too. looking positive !

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