Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 months on, oh yeh i still have a car

....i totally forgot i had this blog!
its been a crazy last few months and its only about to get worse work wise so i've forgotten about cars/bikes/shoes and other things im into. the car hardly gets driven anymore which is abit of a shame but i guess that saves me some petrol money. On the Evo front the car had its first major service in a while. The positive things were that all my gearbox/diff/engine oils were great and there were no signs of wear on those components. I took the opportunity to change to a high flow cat, fitted some new brake pads and some DBA 4000 front slotted rotors. These are the new design and are meant to incrase cooling efficiency as well as fix some of the issues of the previous design.

I've also got a new set of direzza z1 star specs on the way (MOAR LOW BABY!!)
Next up for the car? Walboro fuel pump! also i wont be able to get my hands on a monstersport intake :(, so i'll chrome out and get a carbing instead.. if finances go well

Stay tuned, i will be taking more pics soon and may even go USDM on teh car!

Finally, my woman has got me into redecorating my room or creating a nicely nerd spot for myself if i move out. Wall Vinyls look very appealing, that is if i can get a custom one of the image i want lol. creating a new bed/room space is something that kinda excites me at the moment. however, i need a place to let loose! hahaha

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