Tuesday, November 1, 2011


got around to washing the car then went exploring around the area for some photo locations.
Didnt find shit!!


  1. Your Evo is simply the best looking V!

    May I ask what offset the XD9's are? My guess would be +28 (or maybe +17)??
    Regards, Bob

  2. hey mate,

    thanks for the comments!
    offset is +28 but i need to run a 5mm spacer in the front to clear the brembos

    +17 stuck out too much when i fitted them

  3. That car looks absoulutely brilliant! I wish I could go for a ride in it =( I'm currently attempting to find some cheap manchester tyres , anyone know where I could get them?

  4. thanks! come to Australia and i'll happily pick you up from the airport hahaha.

    i purchased my tyres from tirerack.com
    they are a us based site and ship worldwide... you can get good quality tires for cheap so visit their site and fire them an email :P

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  7. Hey Brother I need to know what size of rims do you have there, and what is the offset :)