Sunday, February 19, 2012

over it!

Its a busy as fuck 2012, work is starting to consume my life and im preparing to move out of home so my mind is in another place.

As for the beloved evo, its seen better days.. my dad took the car out one day and damaged the front bar, rear bar and gutter rashed 2 of my xd9's (now covered up with touch up paint). cant stand looking at the car now cause it no longer looks like as it did in november ARRRGGHHHH.

These days, it only gets about 20minutes drive time on weekdays and no time on the weekend. thoughts of selling it have crossed my mind but we'll see in a few months after the moving and work stuff dies down. i did alot more when i had the gti-r but i guess as you get older your interests start to go in different directions and its hard to focus on just one thing... UGH SNAP OUT OF IT PAUL!!

finally, im moving posts about life and random builds to a personal blog so that only car related shit is on this blog.

you can catch it at: