Thursday, March 7, 2013


sold my evo to a young bloke who will hopefully complete the car.
im a little sad i never finished the motor upgrades but im happy to say that the car put a smile on my face everytime i drove it. despite having close to stock power it really was a fun experience and i learnt quite abit! it really did turn into abit of a love hate relationship towards the end but it was really because i was vain and pissed off at the exterior lol.

now its on to bigger and better things.

i've purchased a new car to work on.. hopefully this time around i'll be abit more hands on but thankfully the motor department wont need any work.

contemplating whether or not i should create a new blog to document my ownership experience.. we shall see.

to those who read this, thanks and hoped you enjoy the build up of the evo. its not ..... ZED TIME! :D


  1. Hey Paul! Congratulations on selling the Evo. The one thing I love about working with cars is how everything’s a learning experience. Learning about what parts fit and work with certain models make for some fun times in searching for what you need when restoring or making upgrades. I do hope you post updates on your progress with the new car you have. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kudos to you my friend! It's like hitting two birds with one stone. The part where you sold your car easily is definitely an achievement. In fact, selling a car can never be easy. There are important things that needed to be done before you get into the actual transaction. Anyway, I would suggest you to create a new blog about your new car. I'm pretty sure you'll come up with an amusing story. Cheers!
    - Danille Folson